Feb 7, 2011

Lets Make Lemonade

The concept was one I had wanted to shoot for some time, I was actually planning to shoot it as part of an advertising campaign in May 2011 .. When I received an email from Alanna the sweetest girl ever, she asked me if I would style their shoot, we are deep in the throws of organizing her amazing wedding, now when I say amazing, it’s the stuff dreams are made, anyway I digress, she asked me if I had any time to help with their e-shoot..

I told her ‘of course I did’ and did she have a concept.. sure enough her concept was almost the same as the one I have been storing in my head and dreaming of, so similar our story boards even had some of the same pictures on them… we both could not belive it, it was Crazy! But we have come to know while working on her wedding that we have the same style and adore the same things.
The concept is simple really, a love story with a lemonade chaser.
‘Girl meets boy on a hot summer’s day, driving up a windy road in his beloved Kombi Van,
He stumbles across an oasis of refreshing lemonade and a cute girl to boot,
She gives a smile, he stops the car and the rest, as they say is history.
On her stand she sells, home bakes goods, cookies and of course lemonade, individual serves as well as take home bottles, she also sells lemon butter in jars covered with liberty printed fabric,  flowers and posies made from daisies and herbs.
Why wouldn’t they fall in love forever, nothing else could happen on such a sun kissed hillside
They live happily ever after, of course’
Alanna and Tim (Bride/Groom) had booked in a date with her wonderful wedding photographer Christine Pobke from www.pobkephotograhy.com and was looking for a location. We didn't want to do the usual 'lemon orchard thing' we wanted to have a different setting, with a lemonade stand.. wanting to choose somewhere that showed off South Australia at it best! Not long before this I had visited the Barossa Valley one of the worlds finest wine regions and come across the most magical boutique vineyard Bethany Winery perched up on the hillside www.bethany.com.au  it all came together. Christine Pobke's style is fresh and it speaks to me, its whimsical and playful, she is an artist and each shot she shoots is a piece of art! I think some photographers just shot, they dont see what they do as art, which is to me what makes a stand out photographer.. like Ms Pobke!
The sun loves Christine and she loves the sun, the rainbow in the ring shot made me get goose bumps, perfect! the result is dreamy, like a dream sequence, and that's what Alanna and Tim had wanted from the start.

We had a few things going on, a very subtle nod to hot air balloons, this will make sense to those who attend their wedding in April,  Alanna is a lover of all things whimsical, the colour scheme was yellow and white with soft grays and some blues and peaches thrown in for good measure.

With our huge collection of props and vintage wares we made it homely and authentic,  with a retro twist, the Kombi vans from www.kombis4u.com.au were an absolute highlight for everyone on set, they are the colour of butter and were just so cool.. I haven’t stopped dreaming about owning one since. If you are thinking of hiring these for your wedding please do, not to mention these are the hottest cars around the owners of these vans are truly some of the nicest people you will meet, I imagine on a wedding day they would make you feel comfortable and happy.

And of course no e-shoot seems complete without beautiful round sunny balloons!
We had the most beautiful couture cookies made up from www.spoonandfork.com
And small posies from www.lotusflowershop.com.au
Aside from the lemonade stand, we hung a custom made sign in the tree stating the name of our shoot
‘lets make lemonade’
The lemons hanging with twine are possibly my favorite part of the shoot, but the little detail of lemon cookies also hanging was just adorable.
Up on the hill under a beautiful gum tree we set up a shag pile rug and loosely covered it with lemons and vintage hanky bunting and tied the tree, the ties to me are symbolic of the years they have been together.
Alanna and Tim looks so cute in there outfits I think I told them that about 4000 times during the afternoon.
We also set up a bedhead draped with ribbon garland then paper leaf garland and paper chain all handmade loveliness.
The sun started to set and I just remember thinking..  how the people around on the shoot were really so fantastic, you could feel the warmth, my friend and assistant Lisa (thanks for your help my sweet friend) and I packed everything up and sat on a rock looking over the vineyard eating pecan pies.... satisfied doesn't even cut it.

Really can't wait to share this wedding with you.

Also, had to share their Save The Dates.... Save the Dates people!!! don't you just LOVE the attention to detail!!! really amazing!

Em xo

Feb 3, 2011

We Have Moved

To this new blog :)

Everything from the old bloggy is up here now and this willl be the new place to find us :)
Thanks so much
Em xo

Woodland Folk Party

I know most of you have seen these pictures, but I really want to put them into a blog post... bear with me
Taken by my freind and brilliant photographer Jen Sando http://www.jennifersando.com.au/ we adore the pictures so much, I cant stop looking at them.

plants for guests to take home and make a little bit of 'woodland'
printables - Love The Day


I wanted to make the fabrics very folky, loved the woodland cupcake wrappers from
The Cupcake Wrapper Co.
Belinda from Sweet Treats, cakes and cupcakes, made the AMAZING cake and cupcakes!!

Boxes filled with honeycomb
and really the most beautiful cookies in the world from
Spoon and Fork

handmade chocolate owls and squirels made by Archie and I

AMAZING! hey, truly breathtaking
Spoon and Fork

I love to put unexpected things on tables, so we sourced logs og wood and I found this sweet sqirrel neckalce to hang from it, so cute! and I have it in memory of the day to keep forever.

green toffee apples and almond bread.. mmmmmm

little treats, printables Love The Day

Darling Archie - has his photo smile down! :)

little chocolate crackle nests and a jar of half macarons

Mini terriums lined the long table with deer and toadstools inside, a grass runner and lots of tasty treats 

Some of the kids at the photobooth - Peace!

the outdoor lounge area, and cake table number 2


handmade photobooth props

This cake was truly and work of art!!!
sweet treats, cakes and cupcakes

Feeding a possum, we had a wildlife person come with her collection of animals, the kids loved it

Xavier, Darcy, Sophie, Banjo and Billy in
Deep in Woodland chatter

My little boy turned 4 on late November, we worked together on his party, not long after he turned 3 he told me that he wanted his next party to have owls and squirrels, I suggested some gnome folk to keep the animals happy and a 'Woodland Folk' party was born.

He very carefully selected the guests, he is a shy little guy and only wanted people on 'his' list, so we went about sending inviatiosn to 40 family and friends.

I was originally goign to do it at home, but we were looking at a property for sale and happened upon this old hall on the edge of a forest and I was hooked.

It was so much fun making everything, including sewing the sweet table background by hand.. wont do that again in a hurry! and it was a really hot day so it ended in true Aussie style with all the kids down to there underwear having a water fight....

So much fun!

Happy Birthday Archie ... You have my heart!
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