Aug 24, 2010

Seating Style

Long gone are the days of chair covers and sashes, hello to the days of custom styled seating.
beautiful chairs and making a statement.
While I still love the Americana white folded chair, it definitely has its place in ceremony set ups, these chairs are not great if your a 6'4" man, they aren't comfy, they are pretty small so for a long sit down event I say go for something else...

pretties available now to Adelaide brides

snippet and ink. white chavari (also available in clear and gold)

coco cozy - Ghost Louis .. l.o.v.e these

the Nichols - hay bale seating... *swoon*

 white room events - ceremony - highbacks

of course I'm always open to creating unique seating options .. so many things you could use.

Enjoy xo

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