Aug 6, 2010

A word on style .. from CC

True style has nothing to do with the designer clothes you wear, the timepiece on your wrist, or the car that you drive or your zip code. True style is a sense of self, a confidence and graciousness that is evident to everyone you come into contact with. It's about how you conduct yourself; behaving with consideration and respect toward others. Your wedding isn't just another party; it's an opportunity to make a statement of style to your friends and family, as individuals and as a couple, to be the consummate host and hostess.

There are so many ways to make your guests feel welcome, even though the focus is on you, be gracious, considerate and conscious of your guests at all times. By making every single guest as welcome and as comfortable as possible you'll be setting a true example of what style really means.

The always stylish Colin Cowie

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