Sep 19, 2010


My 3 boys ages 13, 9 and 3 adore the movie ‘UP’ it’s one we watch over many times and enjoy.
My husband and I planned a family holiday in a few weeks time and I thought I would surprise them
with a ‘sweet table’ … ‘Adventure is out there’

Along with the usual cake, cupcakes I had beautiful hot air balloon and cloud shaped cookies from I also made yummy chocolate brownies and a juice refreshment.

Then each one of the boys has their own little 'scout book' for journaling the trip we take,
we have done this on all our holidays such a great keepsake.
I have worked with my dear friend Jennifer Sando of  on a few projects recently and asked her if she would be so kind to come and take some snaps before the boys tucked in to the goodies.

I really wanted the table to capture ‘The Spirit of Adventure’ and to make it very ‘UP’ with out being to ‘merchandised’ The cake bunting was made from hot air balloon stamps and I used some of our favourite quotes in elements on the table.

And because the love that Carl and Ellie have in the movie, we have a little ‘Ellie badge’ for us all to wear while we travel (both from etsy).

It’s simple but fun and was inexpensive and easy to create I’m sure it will be in the memory bank of the boys for years to come, the boys LOVED it.

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We were featured on the Aparment Thearpy blog OhdeeDoh .. very cool.
Not bad for a first time submission - woop woop...


  1. I love how this turned out! Where did you get the stamps and the Spirit of Adventure label for the jar? Did you just print them? This is one of my favorite Pixar movies and you did a great job!

  2. Thanks so much Natalie, the stamps were from Etsy and I just printed the labels for the drinks.
    Isn't the movie beautiful!


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