Oct 5, 2010

Blush and Bashful = Pink + Pink

I love pink, I really do, and if you had asked me some years ago what my favorite colour was I would not have hesitated in saying PINK, in fact  I planned my own bridal shower to be the theme of 'Blush and Bashful' ..(Steel Magnolias fame) so I was quite serious about this hue .. while I'm more partial to the salmon and paler side of this pretty colour and lets face it EVERY colour is pretty awesome in its own way, I now favour yellow, coral, aqua and of course White!
I don't get to use it in full force much, and pink certainly has its place in every gals life.. don't you agree?

This weekend I'm hosting a small event for some of my beautiful girlfriends in aid to raise money for women's cancers, http://www.girlsnightin.com.au/  at this moment my house is a sea of pink tissue leaf garland, liberty prints and stripes and more paper tissue poms than I care to tell you about, its going to be a pink fest :)

image via - ruffled

I cant wait to show you - more importantly of course I can wait to share the night with some of the most important beautiful girls in my life some I have been Friends with for my whole entire life (which is a long time!) .... a little bit scared of what the photo booth shots will turn out like, very much looking forward to eating my way though every single dish and dessert and being a bit silly, but you cant be precious about being silly with your girls can you, and its for a good cause!

There is still time for you to host your 'girls night in' - get on board, this year I started out small, but I hope to grow it every year.. (note to self : store sea of pink well)

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