Oct 19, 2010

Pink Ladies

Here are some shots of an event I hosted for a 'Girls Night In' - to raise money for women's cancers.
Thank you to my beautiful Friends for their donations.

Lucky for me I have one very special friend in http://www.jennifersando.com.au/ who came and took some amazing photos for me, I asked her to capture them with a fun feeling, nothing to serious.. I love how they turned out.. thank you so much Jen .. xo

My temporary backyard is very. very small.. not the backyard any event stylist would dream of, but I love the challenge of making a small, not very workable or pretty space work.
I ordered the flowers from http://www.lotusflowershop.com.au/ if you are planning an event please go and see Holly she is so talented, the blooms she sent my way included Peonies . they were just beautiful and one of my all time fav's tulips and rannuculas - I popped them into random jars and depression cut glassware.

I knew from the start I wanted to make the style very pink and with pink being such a colour of perfectness I wanted the decor to bit a bit rustic, left of centre, I didn't want everything lined up perfectly, I wanted raw edges, mixed printed linens topped with fluffed pom poms and lots LOTS of tissue paper! I think this is the most under use decor item and its so affordable and so effective, I used tissue garland to backdrop my 'sweet table' and my photo booth. I had Anne Ludwig from http://www.eleganteventmanagement.com/ deliver me beautiful white chavari chairs and a lovely long tables. If you need event management, day of co-ordintation, complete wedding co-ordination Anne is your go to gal.

Of course no sweet table is complete without sweets, I had the AMAZING Belinda Harley of http://www.sweettreatscakes.com.au/  make the beautiful cake centrepiece and the ruffle cupcakes these were filled with passion fruit, oh my goodness!! then I had http://www.nonnaspantry.com.au/  make me the most stunning macarons, Turkish delight with chocolate ganache and vanilla and lime.. to good to even explain.

I asked everyone to bring a dish and I would be in charge of the desserts... and the Cheese platter. I'm a little bit in love with all things cheese.
I also asked them (but didn't make them, because that is just wrong) if they wanted to wear something pink to go right ahead.

It was a great night, I didn't have a lot of girls, but the girls I chose to invite are all very dear to me.
Some I have known for years.. YEARS, some I have know much less but I think as you get older you know when you have a sisterhood and a respect, and with these women I certainly do.
They are all very different.. each in their own right, inspiring, amazing, interesting and I'm so proud to know them all.

I love details, I love planning the style of an event in my head and making it come alive, I love colour and making it all flow together, and while I spend so much of the time working on these events thinking about all of this, the thing I have found I love the most is that when it comes together on the day it isn't really about how well the 'pinks' went together or how wonderful the details are, is about creating a moment, a memory and showing people that you love them and feeling that they love you... life is good.

Love you girls. xo

For more photos you can go HERE
I have many more images of this night, but they have been saved for something special.. so stay tuned for them, there are loads of details that I haven't shared yet... including the most amazing Jelly dish I have ever made.:)


  1. Wow! What an amazing event you created. And for such a good cause too. Can't wait to see the rest of the pics.


  2. Em, you are so talented. I love it all. I love your vision, so so much. Thanks for asking me to be a part of it! xx

  3. I love this too, where did you get the super cute lollipops from?


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