Nov 6, 2010

Prop Room

My collection of goodies is slowly growing, picking up pieces here and there, each one I find I immediately see has a purpose, even if I have no where to use it yet.
Chairs, and furniture are obvious props but the list is really endless, theres beauty in everything when it has purpose.

Even more, I love it when something I thrifted years ago takes prime position in a beautiful tablescape or wedding instead of being carelessly piled in a 'junk' store its shining magnificently and standing proud again.
I try to choose objects that have been loved, if not I will make sure I love them. alot.

With my collection, I dream of one day having a purpose built space for them, itemised, colour coordinated, you know because I'm borderline OCD on these things, my cake stands will stand in like like soldiers waiting to hold the perfect cake.

So as you do.. I googled 'prop room's' and came across the Pioneer of all things 'Event' Martha Stewarts prop room and my suitcase is packed, I'm moving in ...


  1. Oh my goodness, I'm extremely envious of your cake stand collection!

  2. OMG! I am loving the Cake Stand props area, ..I love Martha ! might have to copy a photo of the cake stands on my blog if OK...I love it so much! BTW lovely blog!


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